Harmonize on the new love with Feza Kessy?


One of the things that has caught the attention of many people this morning is this post of controversial photos of Konde Boy @harmonize_tz with the beautiful @fezakessy accompanying the controversial caption 'No mara waaaaaa' What has led many to think of a couple due to the status of the relationship that Harmonize has at the moment after officially announcing a few weeks ago that he is not in a relationship.

 If you leave the beauty of @fezakessy that can move Harmonize close to him, also Feza Kessy is an Artist, something that can bring these two together at work, considering yesterday Harmonize announced the arrival of Video 2 today! 🙌🏽 Do you wish to see these two standing as a couple!? Or just end up at work!? Drop your comment 

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